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How to Fold a Theatrical Backdrop

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Table of Contents

Once the curtain is closed and the show is over, it is time to bring down the backdrop and ship it safely back to Grosh warehouse. Since backdrops are so big, it can be tricky to fold them. To avoid any possible confusion, we bring you a tutorial on how to fold a theatrical backdrop and ship it safely back to us. 

How to Fold a Theatrical Backdrop? 

  1. On a clean, dry surface, lay out your backdrop, face up. Begin at the edge of the backdrop. Two people stationed on either side.
  2. Grabbing a two-foot wide length of drop, each person on each side will start folding each of their sections in half, kinda like one of those accordion fans. See that two-foot-wide unfolded section? That is to fold over the drop, to prevent any damage while in transit. 
  3. Once you’ve created that accordion fan full effect, starting from the site without ties and grommets, begin rolling up the backdrop. As you roll, you might want to flatten out some of that puffiness. It will help make the roll more compact so it will fit in the box. 

Pack It Up!

Now it’s time to tie up that backdrop so it won’t unravel in shipping. Now it’s ready to be put back into the plastic and back into the box. 

Fold Theatrical Backdrop Infographic

Make sure to remove the old label and fix the preprinted return label located in the plastic packet that came inside your box. And don’t forget to call FedEx at least 24 hours in advance or drop off at the FedEx location before the last pickup. 

Until next time.

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