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Frozen the Musical: A Story of Sisterhood

Table of Contents

“Some people are worth melting for”- Olaf the Snowman

Do you want to build a Snowman…? On YOUR stage??!! Well now you can! Disney will officially release the rights to their on-stage adaptation of the smash hit Frozen with Frozen the Musical and Frozen the Musical Jr. through Music Theater International (MTI) in October of 2019.


You can now wow your friends and family with all the songs you recognize from the silver screen blockbuster as well as several newly added songs in your very own production. But how did this story become such a huge hit you might ask? It stormed its way into our lives, and soon onto our own stages, with not only snow and magic but with a unique and fascinating story line. In addition to a fantasy made of ice, we are also taken on a journey into the true meaning of love and sisterhood.

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When we think of the fairytales, what usually comes to mind is a beautiful princess who gets into trouble and must be rescued by her one true love, a handsome prince who has the kiss or power to set her free and live happily every after. Frozen, on the other hand, chooses to tell a slightly different story, that it’s not just romantic love but the love for family that can also set us free.

About Frozen, the Story

The story of Frozen focuses on the lives of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, and their journey of growing up separately due to a series of misunderstanding but coming together when they are in need and shows us the genuine love and strength a sibling relationship can have.

We see this demonstrated several times throughout the story. For instance, when Elsa and Anna are separated after the incident as children when Elsa was attempting to use her magic but sadly ended up injuring Anna in the process. After this episode, the girls don’t see each other till Elsa’s coronation a decade later. Even though so much time had passed, when the girls are reunited, its like they pick up to where they last left off. The bond they had as children made it easier to overcome any awkward moments; instead they start to joke and show signs that they continue to support each other.

In their second falling out due to Anna’s desire to marry Hans and wanting to keep the castle walls open. In this scene, Anna made it a point to be brutally honest about pushing people away but also defended Elsa telling everyone how much her powers are when she is accused of being a monster by the townspeople. Even after this event, Anna still wanted to make sure Elsa was OK and went out looking for her. We see how open sisters can be with one another and, even after a skirmish, they can still be extremely supportive of one another.Ice Castle Interior backdrop ES7877

And finally, in the last moments of the story when Anna locates Elsa in her Ice Castle, Anna informs her of what has become of Arendelle. Elsa in her frustrated state accidently freezes Anna’s heart. Not knowing what to do, she kicks Anna, Olaf and Kristoff out.

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As Anna’s hair beings to turn white and we see her slowly gives into the freeze, Kristoff takes her to the Grand Pabbie who reveals that an act of true love is the only thing that can save her. Here, ordinarily, when we hear that true love is the answer, we are quick to think Hans!!

A true loves kiss from Hans is the only act that can break the spell. We see the characters jump to this conclusion as well as she is rushed back to him. However, when they arrive, they learn that Hans was not the prince charming they thought him to be when he reveals to Anna that he actually wants to overthrow both sisters and take Arendelle.

As a result, Hans captures Elsa and brings her back to the Arendelle where they meet up with Anna whom he has imprisoned. Fortunately, Olaf manages to set Anna free and she finds Elsa and Hans about to go toe to toe after Elsa had broken free of her chains. Hans attempts to convince her that she is the one that killed Anna and she is next.

Right when he is about to kill Elsa, Anna bravely jumps in harms way to protect Elsa and is frozen solid. However, in a miraculous turn of events, Anna starts to melt! Turns out that Anna’s willingness to sacrifice her life for her sister is one of the ultimate acts of true love. When they realize that Elsa’s magic is controlled by love, Elsa ends the winter and the sisters can now love one another without fear and can finally heal from their past.

Elsa and Anna learn, as does the audience, that sibling love can be a powerful force of nature and can be the one thing that can save us in the end.

Frozen the Musical A Story of Sisterhood

This beautiful and inspiring story can teach us all an important lesson about life, that our family, although trying at times, can be some of our greatest supporters and life source. Our siblings can be there through thick and thin, our failures, the sadness and the triumphs, experiencing life right along with us! Grosh Backdrops and Projections want to honor this unique and groundbreaking cartoon/ musical by debuting Grosh Digital images for Frozen the Musical and Frozen the Musical Jr!

With the release of the right just around the corner, we want to get a jump start and show you all the digital magic that can be brought to your own stage. We will offer individual images and packages for all the major scenes that story calls for. So make like a snow flurry and place your order today for a totally chill event.

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