If you’re looking for the finest velour stage curtains and drapes that you can rent online, look no further. Grosh Backdrops and Drapery is the best place to find a wide variety of velour drapery that comes in different types, colors, and sizes.
Velour is a type of woven fabric that is generally regarded as one of the best kinds of fabrics that can be used as stage curtains and drapes. This rich-looking and velvety-feeling fabric can be made of either natural fibers like cotton or synthetic ones like polyester.

Velour can also range from lightweight to heavyweight, depending on what it will be used for. Decorative elements like bunting swags, for instance, are generally made of lighter velour fabrics, while velour intended for use as grand drapes is usually heavier because it is typically used for masking light and sound, as well as for hiding stage elements and equipment.
At Grosh, our collection velour drapes and curtains comprise almost a hundred different pieces. Colors include white, burgundy, red, maroon, gold, blue, grey, purple, green, and other shades in between. The products also come in different types, from full drapes and curtains to stage legs, borders, and festoons.

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Grosh Backdrops and Drapery has offices in Los Angeles, California and Evansville, Indiana, our main areas of operation. We also deliver to customers throughout the United States.