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Benefits of the Performing Arts

Table of Contents

From dance to drama, the performing arts have made positive contributions to not only the physical but to the metal state and well being of performers of all ages. However, in today’s world, we see a steady decline of the performing arts in schools, or in general, simply because it is not seen as a necessary part of a child’s development. False! Studies have shown that the performing arts have helped children of various stages in phenomenal ways, nurturing the essential characteristics a child must learn to become a well-adjusted adult.

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Significance and Benefits of the Performing Arts

To help us understand the significance of the performing arts, I have pulled the following points to highlight the importance of the arts during childhood:


When it comes to children participating in activities such as dance or drama, an important lesson they must learn in order to make their events or recitals successful is to work well with others. Working with their peers allows them to understand social interaction, learning to band together, build relationships and cooperate in order to make their visions possible in a group setting with a shared performance goal.

With teamwork, children can see that they have to plan, communicate and develop the self-discipline required to learn and do their part as a team so that can have a positive outcome.

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Not only can the performing arts help benefit the mind but the body as well! When children participate in dancing, singing and acting, it helps to keep their bodies conditioned and in shape so they can perform. Running, jumping and singing helps to develop motor skills, strengthen muscles for quick control, stability, get a nice dose of cardio and even help keep the core and lung capacity strong to hit those big musical notes.

Being in such good shape, children might be more inclined to join in other school activities such as sports or volunteering their time for a good cause. By including these extracurricular behaviors, children will have the outlets necessary to relieve stress, have more energy throughout the day and learn how to take care of their own bodies.

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A big concern with parents everywhere is the lack of confidence children have nowadays. Some kids, even adults, find it difficult to stand their ground in a high-pressure world which is why it is more important than ever to expose children to activities that would help build their confidence so that they have a better understanding on how resolve taxing situations they come across. When children are introduced to activities like drama, dance and music at an early age, they are more likely to develop the self-esteem that would allow them to overcome anxieties they might experience in life.

The performing arts has been shown to enhance a child’s mental health and help guide them to become well rounded human beings, learning self-reliance and problem solving in both as an individual and in a group setting. A good example of this is when a child learns how to conduct themselves in front of an audience.

In order to give a great performance, a child must understand the character they are trying to portray. To do this, they need to demonstrate a sort of self-control in that they must learn a role and execute it, feeling confident in their own abilities to perform that character with grace and style. With the arts, children can discover the inner strength and confidence we have inside all of us.


Another great benefit of the performing arts is that it gives license for children to use their imaginations as they please. They get to enjoy the pleasures of self-expression, skill developing, channel emotions into something positive and have a chance to come up with innovative solutions towards their own performances. Kids are then more likely to apply this creativity to their daily lives and into adulthood. There is also a benefit for parents too!

When a child is permitted to freely express themselves, this openness then gives moms and dads a “window” into their child’s mind/personality. Studies have shown that sometimes it’s easier for a child to convey themselves through actions and artwork than with words thus demonstrating the significance of the arts in our daily lives.


Exposure to the arts can also benefit other areas of a child’s life. For instance, it has been shown that students who are more proficient in reading, writing, math and science are also involved in other activities such as dance and drama. Children are required to be organized and focused, balancing all the events they need or want to do. This allows a child to take charge of the own lives in a manner of speaking and be responsible for what they have to do in order to be successful.

In addition to this, with the performing arts, the exposure to different cultures, languages, lifestyles, events and whimsical story lines allows for an introduction to new and diverse worlds that will show children to be more open and accepting of things and those who are different from themselves; to show more appreciation for tolerance and what is unique instead of having everything and everyone the same.

Benefits of the Performing Arts

Grosh Cares About Performing Arts

The importance of art has many positive advantages and these were just a few! With so many vital points to consider and for the future of our children, Grosh Backdrops and Projections has started the Grosh Cares – Grants for the Performing Arts.  Grosh will be awarding three grants totaling $4,750.   Grosh will be taking submissions up to May 1.

Please help Grosh and join our crusade to help the performing arts and enhance the lives of our children. They’ll thank you for it!

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Grosh has been committed to schools, theaters and dance since we began in 1932. We care about you and the budget challenges you continue to face. In order to show our support, we are offering three grants this year totaling $4,750.
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