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What Do Conditions A, B, C, and D Mean for Backdrops?

What Do Conditions A, B, C, and D Mean for Backdrops Featured image

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Since Grosh has been around for a very long time, some of the backdrops available for renting today are produced in the last century and are classified as vintage. Others are painted recently and are brand new. 

To make it easier for our customers, we divided our backdrops into four categories, representing the condition of the backdrops. That way, once you decide to rent backdrops, you can just check out their rating and condition, and know how to manage them on the stage.

Here is what the categories refer to. 

What Do Backdrop Conditions Mean? 

Condition A means our backdrop is in excellent condition and is brand new. This backdrop has no visible wear and tear signs, no cracks in the paint, or any other imperfections. You can use it in all venues.

Condition B means that a backdrop is in great condition, with minor imperfections. For example, a backdrop has one little part that is showing signs of fading, or in some parts, you can see little cracks in the paint, but the backdrop is still usable in all venues.

Condition C means satisfactory. These backdrops have been rented a few times and you can see some cracks in the paint or repairs. It is best to use them with proper lighting and not for up-close events. 

Condition D means that this is the vintage backdrop with visible wear and tear. The backdrop will have visible repairs and medium to heavy cracking in the paint. You can improve it with good lighting, but we advise you to use it on stage at a reasonable distance from the audience. 

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