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Tradeshow Booth Image and Design

Table of Contents

It doesn’t matter which tradeshow or convention you are attending, the goal is to leave a lasting impression on attendees. Your booth image has the power to generate new leads and collect valuable customer feedback.  The first part is getting them to stop by your booth amongst the myriad of others, once you have them there you can sales pitch and/or collect useful information for future marketing.

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Target Your Audience!

Focus on your target audience and design your booth to appeal to them. Are your clients into technology? Try adding interactive kiosks. Is your product aimed at children? Incorporate a game, like a mini hoop. In this instance, you may want to have open space in your booth. Do you have a product that can be tried out on the spot?  If you sell dancewear and costumes, creating a dressing room in the corner of your booth can help.  By knowing your customers you will find it easier to decide what to include in designing your booth.

Set the Mood

There are many display apparatuses and furnishings such as reception counters, clamp lights, free-standing towers, shelving and monitors. Don’t let the limitless possibilities impede you. Instead, think of the feel you want your booth to have.  Are you aiming to be all attention grabbing; try a backdrop or a printed wall with free-standing towers and kiosks for displaying multimedia (animation, video and audio) for the “busy” look.  Have you prepared a live or video tutorial? Promote focus by utilizing couches, benches, shelving and monitors. Once you decide on the mood your budget will help you decide the rest.

Nuts and Bolts

Make your booth a space people can enter comfortably without feeling trapped. Setting a table across the front of your booth to stand behind makes it harder to pull customers in and involve them, leaving them to just walk by.  Adequate lighting is also important. Even if your booth is small, be sure to light it sufficient especially for large trade shows. Without light, your exhibits will suffer.

When it comes to text make sure it is large enough to read at a distance. Place text in the upper half of your display design so people standing in front of your booth won’t block it from others view.  It is also a good idea not to place text over textured backgrounds that will make it difficult for attendees to read. Make it clear what product or service you are offering.  And always include your company’s logo.

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