Wimpole Street

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Wimpole Street theatrical backdrop designed and handpainted by Grosh Backdrop Rentals was designed for the musical My Fair Lady. The musical is based on George Bernard Shaw's 1913 play Pygmalion. The musical depicts, Elizabeth Doolittle, a loud mouthed flower girl who wants to become a lady. The girl takes speech lessons from Henry Higgens so that she may pass as a lady. The original musical on broadway in 1956 was performed by Rex Harrison and Julie Harrison. Our Wimpole Street displays a large home in United Kingdom. The mansion is several stories high with tall windows covering the entire face of the home. In front of the home is a long turn about driveway surrounded by green bushes. Our Wimpole street is used in productions of My Fair Lady but is also used in performances of Legally Blonde as Havard University where Elle Woods decided to attend to fight for her love, Warren Huntington III. To rent this theatrical backdrop give us a call and speak to one of our experienced backdrop consultants. You can also check availability and order directly online. Keywords: Harvard, Legally Blonde, My Fair Lady, The Barretts of Wimpole Street, United Kingdom, Westminster, Oliver