Toy Soldier

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21'6h x 50'w $295.00 S0964
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Grosh Backdrops Toy Soldier scenic backdrop features a wooden facade with a frame in the center. Within that frame, there is an army of toy soldiers ready to take a stand. A few tools such as a saw, a screwdriver and measuring tools can be seen in the background along with some blueprints rolled up. In the foreground of the backdrop you can see buckets of fresh paint with the brushes still inside. The Toy Soldier Backdrops is perfect for productions like Babes in Toyland, Coppelia, and any other Christmas performances. Call Grosh today to reserve for your show or event. Our backdrop consultant are ready to assist. You can also check availability and place your order directly online. Keywords: Coppelia, Elf, Christmas, toy soldiers, elves, dolls, toys, Santa's Village, workshop, woodshop, backdrops, Nutcrackers