Spooky Forest

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14'h x 25'w $350.00 ES8230
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Let Grosh Backdrops scare you with our Spooky Forest backdrop. Our backdrop is of a dark and creepy forest with several moss-covered tree trunks, weeping willows and giant tree roots overrunning the forest floor.  In the foreground you see a thick green moss covered forest floor with thick tree trunks pushing up through the dirt.  In the middle you see a main tree that looks like it is haunted by ghost and mystical creatures.  The branches seem to be dripping slime.  Surrounding the middle tree and in the background are darker trees that seem to be illuminated blue. Our Spooky Forest backdrop can be used in many performances like Into the Woods, Addams Family, Beauty and the Beast and many others. To rent this backdrop and other complementary stage elements, please call us today. You may also use the form on this page to check on the product’s availability. We deliver nationwide.