Seaside Greek Villa Backdrop

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Item #ES8308
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Take your audience to the fictional Greek island of Kalokair with Grosh Backdrops Seaside Greek Villa.  Your production of <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Mamma Mia</a> will be brought to life with our enchanting Seaside Greek Villa.  In the production of Mamma Mia, Sophie the 20-year-old bride invites three men to her wedding in Greece unbeknownst to her mother.  One of these three men she believes to be her father.  You can create the perfect stage for your production with our backdrop of the balcony of a Villa looking out onto the crystal blue water.  Across from the water you see the greek homes painted in blue and white along the hillside.  On the balcony is a wall with oval shaped opening covered in gree vines.  In the center of the wall is a staircase that leeds down onto the white sands of the beach.  In the foreground is a red bricked floor.

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