Petite Fairytale Castle

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10'h x 20'w $250.00 S3477
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Our Petite Fairytale Castle backdrop depicts a cloudy sky and a castle with blue turrets in the background. Its foreground is composed of a colorful garden that comes complete with various flowering shrubs, a pond with swans, a short pathway lined up with street lamps leading to the castle, and a cherry tree on the rightmost corner. This backdrop design is a great choice for the theatrical production of Camelot, Cinderella, Snow White, and other fairytales. It may also be used for fairytale-themed parties, recitals, or events. Find out if this stage backdrop is available on the date that you need it by filling out the form provided on this page. Should you need any assistance in ordering, our backdrop consultants will be more than happy to help you. NOTE:  Paint is cracking and chipping throughout.