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17'h x 40'w $250.00 ES0611
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Take a quiet stroll down a romantic street with Grosh Backrops Parisian Storefronts.  Our Parisian storefronts set the stage for any show that needs a quaint street.  The scenic backdrop displays a Barbeer Shop on stage right.  The view is you standing on the street looking onto the shops.  In front of the barber shoppe is a street lamp and to the left of the street lamp is a thin tree.  You can also see the iconic red and white barber pole.  Next to the barber shop is a cafe with a red and white awning.  Above the awning are three open windows with green shutters.  On the left of the cafe is another light pole with a small tree.  The theatrical backdrop is painted in mute colors of green, browns and tans. Our Parisian storefront is ideal for performances needing a hometown style street.  This street can be used in productions like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Grease, Music Man, Back to the Future, Les Miserables and many other classic performances. To rent this quiet street give us a call or you can check availablity and rent directly online.