Mystical Forest

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20'h x 40'w $425.00 ES8288
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The Mystical Forest backdrop from Grosh Backdrops is full of magic, fireflies, mystery and so much more. This theatrical backdrop is perfect for stage performances that require a dark and mysterious forest with just a hint of wonder. Our Mystical Forest backdrop is filled with dark trees and  a mossy, green grass forest floor. You can also see yellow orbs floating throughout the air that resemble fireflies.  If used with black light, these dots will glow and come to life along with the forest floor. This beautiful and intriguing forest is perfect for your performances of Midsummer Nights Dream, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Jungle Book and many others.  Give us a call today or reserve online 323-662-1134   **This drop is painted with UV Paint so if you black light it, the yellow dots glow along with the forest floor**