Mountainside Castle

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17'h x 40'w $395.00 ES7675
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Grosh Backdrops Mountainside Castle depicts a medieval castle sitting at the top of a rocky mountain peak.  Our theatrical backdrop rental depicts the Exterior of a large stone castle.  The castle appears to be made of stone and has high spires on top of the castle.  The castle sits on a rocky mountain top.  In the forgound you see the jagged peaks of the rock holding up the stone style castle.  This castle can protect you from your enemies but it also could keep you from your rescuers.   Productions or events for Harry Potter, Shrek, Wizard of Oz and Camelot are encouraged to select this scenic medieval castle backdrop for their show. To rent this theatrical backdrop give us a call we would love to speak with you and help you with your order.  You can also check availability and rent directly on line.