Maroon Damask Leg Stage Right

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Add depth, color, and texture to your stage with our Maroon Damask Leg Stage Right Drapes and curtains like Maroon Damask Leg Stage Left will make a great addition to certain scenes in titles like The Great Gatsby, Chicago, Beauty and the Beast, and Mame. Order this item and other stage backdrops by calling Grosh Backdrops and Drapery. You may also use the form provided on this page to know more about this item. Can be used with D1827 Maroon Damask Festton Border  and D1824 Maroon Damask Leg Stage Left Keywords: backdrop, backdrops, drapes and curtains, red austrian puff, austrian puff, red drape, red velvet drape, drape, drapery, draperies, theatrical drapes, stage curtains, drapery, curtain, DL-RVA01, The Great Gatsby, Beauty and the Beast
22'h x 6'w $150.00 D1823
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