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20'h x 38'w $325.00 ES0727
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Lounge portrays the cross section of a old time speakeasy. The left side of the theatrical backdrop features the street while the center and the right side depicts the tables and the edge of the stage. Fancy chandeliers are seen hanging on top of the tables.  Our Stage background is painted on a Duvetyne fabric that is frequently used to block out light and minimize reflection. This material is employed in scenes that require an air of mystery or special lighting effects. This particular design is perfect for scenes in productions like Gigi, Damn Yankees, Guys & Dolls, The Great GatsbyMoulin Rouge, and many other plays set in bars, cafes, or in the 1920s. Make this stage backdrop a part of your production. Call Grosh today to reserve our Loungde or check the form on this page for more details. Keywords: backdrop, stage backdrop, theatrical backdrop, Gigi, Damn Yankees, Guys & Dolls, Moulin Rouge, French, café, black drape, theatre, 1920, 1920s, twenties, cabaret, dining room, piano bar, bar, night club, parlor, theatrical curtains, speakeasy, 1920, prohibition