Fruit Land of the Sweets Backdrop

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Grosh Backdrops theatrical Fruit Land of the sweets is based on the second act in the Nutcracker Ballet. This backdrop gives a view of whimsical sweets under arabian style arches. In the foreground you see oranges, apples, pears, and even a watermelon. Behind the fruit stands ice cream sundays topped with cherries. In the center of the ice cream sundays is a large double scoop ice cream cone. In the background there is a parlor with arabian style arches. Behind the arches and in the sky is more fruit on a blue and pink backdrop. The magical Land of the Sweets scene is ideal for productions of The Nutcracker, Clara’s gift, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and in dance recitals.

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Complete your Nutcracker Scenes with backdrops for Act I & Act III and your Growing Christmas Tree

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Keywords: Candyland, Nutcracker, Children’s, sweet, Charlie and the Chocolate, Rental, Hansel and GretelCurved Arabian style drop with arches, ice cream, cake, falling fruit, candies and a large cotton candy in the center arch.