Forest Legs with Netting Set

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Item #B-ES2000
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Forests have always carried an air of mystery, romance, and adventure. Because of this, lush woods are typically used as the setting of magical and action-filled titles like Into the Woods, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Robin Hood. Now, you can easily take your audience on an exciting journey in the woods with Grosh’s Forest Legs with Netting Set.


This backdrop leg with netting set depicts a simple forest with thin and tall verdant trees. As this is only a leg set, it is often placed at the sides of the stage, acting as a sort of frame. This pair of stage legs will go well with any forest-themed background.


You can reserve this product or request for custom backdrops with similar designs by calling Grosh. To learn more about this item, you can take a look at the form on this page. If your stage needs panels with similar themes, you have the option of renting the matching theater drapes and curtains below.


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