Enchanted House

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22'h x 50'w $495.00 ES8307
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Are you looking for the perfect magical house for your performance of Disney's Encanto?  You will find the perfect Enchanted House with Grosh Backdrops.  Our Enchanted House will take your audience to a magical realm where in lies the Casa Madrigal.  In this home the magical candle still shines and brings its wondrous blessings to all of the family except for Mirabel.  When Mirabel discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope. Take your audience into the Magical Casa Madrigal from Disney’s Encanto, and bring the magical gifts of the Madrigal family to life with Grosh Backdrops Enchanted House.  Our Casita display’s a brightly colored house nestled in the mountains surrounded by palm trees and flowers. The primary color of the house is yellow with rooms above of green and pink.  The entire house has wooden shutters and in the front is a large green door with a cobblestone pathway.  The windows on the right of the casa are covered in ornate purple flowers.  In the front of the house is a tree with brightly covered pink flowers.  On the sides of the house are green palm trees.  Behind the house you see gorgeous green mountains. To rent this scenic backdrop give us a call today.  You can also check availability and rent directly online. If you are considering projections take a look at<a href="https://www.groshdigital.com/" target="_blank"> Grosh Digital Projections.</a> &nbsp;