Elegant Spanish Hacienda Backdrop

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Grosh Backdrops presents our scenic background, Elegant Spanish Garden Hacienda. This theatrical backdrop Elegant Spanish Hacienda depicts a classic Spanish home. The hacienda is a beige brick colored home with a red tiled roof. The door to enter the villa is a large  blue rounded door. Next to the door is a large paneled window with a railing at the bottom of the window.  Covering the house on the left side are flowering vines trailing down the side.  On the stage right is a path that leads past green trees and lush green grass. Behind the house you can see tall colorful trees peeking over the house. In the background you can see rolling hills set against a blue daytime sky. This stage backdrop is ideal for performances of Don Quixote, Kiss Me Kate, Mamma Mia as well as many other classic shows.

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