Candy Cane Legs Set

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22'h x 12'w x2 Legs - 22'h x 12'w $240.00 B-S3624
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Grosh Backdrops' Candy Cane Legs Set is Red and white striped. Pair this leg set with a Candy Cane Border or a Candy Cane Trim Border Perfect for Nutcracker's second act! Complete your stage decoration with legs and borders to add depth to a stage! We ship nationally, rent from Grosh Backdrops today! Legs and borders work well with  digital backdrops as well! Do not miss out on pairing your backdrops with legs trims and borders! This candy cane leg set is the perfectly paired with the following backdrops: Lace Candyland, CandyCane Forest, & Fantasy Candyland and many more!   Call today for more suggestions!