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17'h x 40'w $425.00 ES2405
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Your countryside scene for your next play or musical such as Wizard of Oz or Honk would not be complete without our Barn backdrop to add more rural flavor to it. Beautifully illustrated, this backdrop depicts a simple wooden barn with red roof standing on a meadow. In front of it is a path bordered by wooden split-rail fences. In the foreground, crop plants are swaying in the wind, while in the distance, beyond the meadow, a forest can be seen. The sky is awash in the colors of sunset (or sunrise), with shades of red and yellow mixing with hues of violet and blue. To rent this backdrop, please call our product consultants today. You may also use the form provided on this page to make sure that the product is available on the dates you need it. We deliver nationwide. Keywords: backdrop, backdrops, Anne of Green Gables, Last Train to Nibroc, Charlotte's Web, Whistle Down The Wind, Honk, The Wiz, Wizard of Oz, Beatrix Potter theme, Rural Farm