Abstract Autumn Swirls

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Play with the concept of time and space or beckon your audience to the world of the surreal using our Abstract Autumn Swirls theatrical backdrop from Grosh Rentals. This stage backdrop features colorful swirls of white, orange and pink. Aside from altering the concept of fantasy and reality, this drop can also be used to depict several strong gusts of wind or an approaching storm.
With this backdrop you won’t have a hard time transporting your audience to the mixed up and crazy world of the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit for your next production of Alice in Wonderland. The Abstract Autumn Swirls backdrop can also be used in a stage production of Austin Powers or any theatrical presentation that needs a touch of surreal magic. If you are interested in renting this item for your next play or event, start placing your order online using form on this page. For further questions and inquiries, feel free to give us a call. Keywords: backdrop, stage backdrop, abstract backdrop, Alice in Wonderland, fantasy backdrops, swirls, surreal, 60’s theme backdrops, Austin Powers, psychedelic, orange and yellow swirls