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How to Hang the Growing Christmas Tree

Table of Contents

This year, we are adding a few more Growing Christmas Trees to our inventory based on popular demand.  There is nothing better than a luminous, towering Christmas tree, center staged for your winter pageant or your production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  We think a Christmas tree that folds down flat, hangs tall, and doesn’t leave your hands dry from a the branches can be pretty convenient for this as well!

Often, our clients will ask, “Well, how do I hang a painted Growing Christmas Tree on stage, for my performance?”  The Growing Christmas Tree does hang by a shining star at the very top point of the backdrop. This is at 22 ft high and the backdrop itself weighs about 25 lbs.  When you receive the backdrop, it will come folded and a piece of plywood will already be affixed to the back of the gold star with a metal ring attached to that for hanging. Expect to also receive a separate shipment of piping to help you fully support the tree.  You will need a cable or another apparatus to hang the Growing Christmas Tree, just as you would need rigging to hang any of our other backdrops.

hanging the Growing Christmas Tree1Keep the backdrop folded in the same accordion style as when you received it. Then, as you are raising your rigging to the appropriate height, you should see your beautiful tree growing before your eyes!

The Growing Christmas Tree comes with detailed instructions and a copy of the setup photos you see to the right, but if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one our consultants!

Happy Holidays!


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