Sheer Chiffon

Grosh Backdrops and Drapery is a leading provider of chiffon drapes and curtains for stage and theatrical productions. With their semi-transparent characteristic, these drapes can be used for a variety of decorative and aesthetic applications, whether they are used for plays, musicals, recitals, or any other type of stage production. Chiffon is a type of lightweight, plain-woven sheer fabric which can be made from different materials, including natural fibers like silk and cotton, as well as synthetic fibers like polyester. The net-like weaving structure affords chiffon curtains and drapes a semi-transparent quality, making it useful for draping purposes wherein minimal light control is desired. At Grosh, our chiffon drapery comes in a variety of colors, including pink, cloud, oyster, sky blue, turquoise, ivory, and black. You can place your order online, or you may also get help from our backdrop consultants by dialing 877-363-7998, or by sending a message through our contact page. Grosh Backdrops and Drapery maintains office in in Los Angeles, California and Evansville, Indiana. We also deliver to customers throughout the United States.