Turquoise Chiffon

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22'h x 27'w $175.00 D1770
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The stage drape Turquoise Chiffon is an ideal addition to scenes that call for a view of the tranquil sky. At the same time, the gentle, flowing color of this theatrical curtain can enhance stages and scenes that require an air of peace and calm. Chiffon is a type of lightweight woven fabric that has some transparency. This quality gives chiffon drapes a unique texture that is typically paired with special lighting effects. Use this theater drape for your event or as a backdrop for a special scene in your production. Call Grosh today to reserve this product. You can also check out the availability form on this page for more information. Keywords: stage drape, turquoise chiffon, chiffon drape, turquoise drape, navy blue drape, blue drape, blue velour, drape, drapery, draperies, theatrical drapes, stage curtains, drapery, curtain, drape rentals


What do I need to return to complete my order?

  • Signed Contract
  • Signed Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions
  • $100 non-refundable pre payment per backdrop or drapery.
  • Method of payment for the entire rental.
    • All checks must be received 14-days prior to shipment
    • All purchase orders must be received and approved for the rental/shipping by Grosh within 10 days of placing the order.

How do I track my item(s) rented?

Grosh Scenic Rentals ships items directly from our warehouse in Hollywood, CA or Evansville, IN. The Grosh site now offers tracking of all orders placed online by entering your 5-6 digit order number on the Tracking Page. Our carriers also offer e-mail or fax confirmation of your order including the tracking number. Please look for this to be received the day after the scheduled shipment. For further tracking information for Fed Ex, visit their site www.fedex.com.

What are the condition ratings?

A – Like New. No visible damage or repairs. Backdrop is usable for all venues.
B – In newer condition with minor wear which may include repairs and cracking in some of the painted areas. May show fading in darker areas of drop. Backdrop is usable for all venues.
C – Backdrop has been rented several times and has mild cracking of the paint. Will have repairs and stains visible from closer distances and under certain lighting. Usable for most venues and can be improved with proper lighting. Best used on stage and some distance from the audience.
D – Vintage backdrop with medium to heavy cracking in the paint and/or fading of the design. Will have some visible repairs. Can be improved with proper lighting and/or props. Rents “as is”.

Shipping Specifications - How are items shipped to me?

Grosh Scenic Rentals uses Fed Ex shipping services standardly. Determining shipping time frames/levels are established upon required dates when the renter needs the drop in hand. (Grosh cannot be held responsible for interruption of service for circumstances beyond our control. This includes any freight carriers not meeting deadlines at their fault or for reasons beyond their control. Grosh Scenic Rentals is not responsible for additional costs relating to crews hanging or taking down backdrops/drapes at your location for delayed, misrouted or any other circumstances out of our control.)