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Beauty and the Beast Backdrops Charm the Audience

Table of Contents

It’s a tale as old as time, help your production of Beauty and the Beast dazzle your audiences with Grosh Backdrops!

Our story begins with Prince Adam, a young, coldhearted prince who is throwing a ball in his stunning castle. A beggar arrives at the castle asking Prince Adam for shelter against the chilling, snowy night in exchange for a single, red rose.

When Adam shows the beggar no kindness and refuses her request, she reveals herself to be an enchantress and transforms the prince into a grizzly beast to punish him for his arrogance and inability to see past her appearance. She tells him that to break the curse he must get someone to fall in love with him, beast, and all, before the last petal falls from the rose or be trapped in his beast form forever.

Just beyond the Beast’s castle rests a small village, home to a young woman who’s desperate for adventure. Belle lives at home with her father, spending her days mingling with the townsfolk and reading hundreds of novels until her father goes missing in the woods. Maurice, having been attacked by wolves, attempted to seek shelter at the Beast’s castle and was locked in the dungeon for trespassing.

Without any help from the village, Belle ventures into the woods only to end up at the Beast’s castle where she finds her father in the dungeon. Belle decides to make a deal with the Beast, her father’s life in exchange for her own. The Beast agrees and allows her to take her father’s place, sending Maurice back to their village without so much as a goodbye.

Although Belle is given a guest room in the castle, the two can’t seem to get along at first. But when the Beast saves Belle from a pack of wolves and she helps him back to the castle, they begin to see each other in a new light. Despite time ticking away and an angry mob set on killing the Beast to rescue Belle, the pair find themselves spending more and more time with one another. Realizing there’s something there that wasn’t there before. 

Beauty and the Beast Backdrops Charm the Audience 1

Set the stage for Prince Adam’s ball with one of our stunning ballroom backdrops. Try the Grand Ballroom backdrop to color your stage in shades of gold, auburn, and powder blue. This backdrop depicts a grand staircase that branches off to the east and west wings of the castle and opens onto a glittering ballroom floor. The Regal Red Palace Interior backdrop depicts two smaller staircases decorated with a lush red carpet that open onto a foyer lit by a wall of windows. These backdrops will accentuate numbers like “How Long Must This Go on?”, “Be Our Guest”, and “If I Can’t Love Her”. 

S2886 Red Palace Interior 2 scaled

Introduce your audience to Belle and Maurice’s village with one of our many village backdrops. If you’re looking for a village backdrop that features the Beast’s castle, try the Castle Overlooking Village backdrop or Castle Overlooking Town Square backdrop. The former depicts a small village surrounded by a forest with the Beast’s castle looming just beyond the trees. The latter features tall, brick buildings surrounding an elegant fountain in the town square and the Beast’s castle nestled far away atop a mountain. Interested in keeping focus on the village? The Quaint Village backdrop is just what you’re looking for! This backdrop features small buildings with wooden roofs built along a cobblestone road on the outskirts of a forest, and lets the audience imagine the Beast’s castle hidden amongst the trees. 

Village backdrop ES7993

We can’t forget about Lefou’s iconic tap number to cheer up Gaston! The Tavern backdrop is the perfect place for the manliest man in town to impress all the ladies with a roaring fireplace adorned with crossed swords and burning candles. If you’re hoping for even more space to fit your stage with chairs and tables, the Kitchen backdrop depicts a magnificent stone fireplace in the midst of a tavern and opens up your stage for a full blown tap number with excited patrons. 

Tavern Interior backdrop ES8065 6

From Dark Dungeons to Grand Libraries and Mystical Forests, Grosh has every backdrop you need to bring your production of Beauty and the Beast to life. 

Grand Study backdrop ES8080 2

Be our guest, find your backdrops today! 

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