European Streets

Introduce your audience to the splendor and charm of the Old World with the help of Grosh Backdrops and Draperys collection of backdrops depicting a wide array of European street sceneries. Our gallery comprises a variety of pieces that portray iconic European landmarks, including the Palace of Westminster and Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We also have backdrops with generic designs meant to simulate the look of European streets, European town squares, and European hamlets. Make your stage production or special event more special with stage backdrops from Grosh. Whether youre staging a production of Beauty and the Beast and Les Miserables or holding a European fair in your school, we have the right backdrops for you. To get started with a product search, please use the form provided on this page or get assistance from one of our backdrop consultants by calling 877-363-7998. If you have other inquiries about our backdrops or services, please dont hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact page. Grosh Backrops and Drapery is a leading backdrop provider that has been in business in Los Angeles, California and Evansville, Indiana, for many years. We deliver nationwide to all U.S. customers.