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Fabio? The New Old Spice Guy…Maybe.

Table of Contents

Fabio is challenging Isaiah Mustafa, to see who should become the ultimate and final Old Spice guy, and Grosh gets to be a part of the duel.  Our Customs department has created a series of locational drops for print advertisement; exact replicas from the commercials ad series, which is creating a buzz among followers of these two “manly” men.   Fabio has been “spotted” in the Alps, in Fiji and Indonesia.

We worked with Lynn Campbell productions to create some exotic scenes featuring Fabio, which might just give him the edge in this competition.

Our rental department also worked with Don’t Act Big Productions to provide the perfect background for Fabio’s Old Spice Commercial debut. As he says in the commercial, “the old Old Spice guy was no good…Fabio give you pearls all the time, blowing wind.”

Fabio is pretty fabulous if we do say so ourselves.

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