Vibrant Starburst

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Vibrant Starburst is a rainbow-colored stage backdrop. This dance backdrop is a great choice for events, recitals, and gatherings centered on dance. The montage can also be used in fantasy-themed scenes or in theatrical presentations set on Broadway. Rent this stage background for your next dance recital or any star event. Rent early because these are popular drops and sell out quickly. Give us a call and speak to a backdrop consultant. You can also check availability and rent directly online. NOTE: Backdrop is in D "As Is Rental"  It is marked as a D due to black stain across the center of the drop.  It also has staining on the bottom of the drop.  Please look at the picture in gallary for more claification of damage.  This drop would work well behind risers for a concert.   Staininig could be reduced with the correct lighting. Check out all of our Dance themed backdrops. Keywords: backdrop, stage backdrop, music backdrop, Dance, Broadway, music, fantasy, Through the Decades, recital, dancers montage, dancer's montage, dancer, dancers, starburst
22'h x 50'w $295.00 ES8254
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