Striped Wallpaper Victorian Parlor

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17'h x 40'w $450.00 ES7798
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Our Striped Wallpaper Victorian Parlor backdrop portrays the interior of a classic Victorian-era home with ecru and pink striped walls. These walls are decorated with four sconces, all of which hold lighted candles. Between the walls, there are large floor-to-ceiling windows with red drapery. This stage backdrop is especially popular for titles like Annie, Mame, Call Me Madam, My Fair Lady, Music Man, The Sound of Music, and The Nutcracker. Rent this product today for your event or theatrical production, and make sure to check the rest of our inventory for other complementary items. Should you need any help, give us a call, our backdrop consultants are always available to help. You can also check availability and order directly online.  We deliver nationwide, including Canada and Puerto Rico. Keywords: backdrop, backdrops, stage backdrop, palace, parlors, Annie, Call Me Madam, Mame, Music Man, My Fair Lady, Nutcracker, Scrooge, Sound of Music, Victorian parlors