Stepmother’s Castle View Backdrop

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Our Stepmother’s Castle View backdrop portrays the interior of a lavish home with blue and white walls, decorative moldings, and framed paintings. At the center, a large window with extravagant blue-and-gold drapery provides a view of a green meadow outside. In the distance, a lake, a row of trees, and a beautiful castle with many turrets are visible.  Our Stepmother’s Castle View  is perfect for theatrical stagings of Cinderella, Shrek, and many other fairytales, both old and new.

To rent this product, please get in touch with our backdrop consultants so that they can process your order. You may also use the form provided on this page to make certain that the backdrop is available on the dates you need it. Grosh Backdrops and Drapery delivers nationwide from California and Indiana.

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