Rail Road Station Interior Backdrop

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Item #S6006
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Grosh Backdrops Rail Road Station Interior is ideal for your performance of Bye Bye Birdie. Bye Bye Birdie was loosley written about Elvis Presley. The play begins with Albert Peterson who was a music writer and finds himself in trouble when his main client, teen idol Conrad Birdie is drafted into the Army. Albert knows with Conrad Birdie gone his company will not make it. His secretary Rosie Alvarez, whos in love with Albert, comes up with a plan to save his company. Her plan is to have Albert write the song One Last Kiss and have Conrad sing it to a chosen fan on the Ed Sulivan Show before he takes the train and leaves for the Army. As you can see our Rail Road Station Interior is needed for the last scene when Conrad leaves for his tour in the armny. Our backdrop displays the interior of the train station with tan walls and two windows. In the center of the drop is a cut out opening which is 7’3″h x 5’w. The cut out opening allows your actors to pass through from behind the stage. The center of the drop shows the times of trains leaving and the ticket purchasing area.

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