Paris Arc de Triomphe

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You and your audience will be drawn into the romance with Grosh Backdrops Paris Arc de Triomphe.  Our scenic backdrop displays a very stylized romantic painting of Paris Arc de Triomphe.  In the center of the backrops is the iconic Arc de Triomphe monument.  In the center of the theatrical backdrop is the outline of a grand tree.  Down the center is a cobblestone pathway.  On stage right and left you see cafes and quaint shops.  In the forefront you see chairs and tables that you guest can imagine sitting and having afternoon tea with a delicate croissant.  Our theatrical backdrop is painted in shades of pink, blue and purples. Our scenic backdrop is ideal for event such as prom where you want to set a romantic scene.  Call us today to rent this beautiful backdrop.  You can also check availability and order directly online. Take a look at all of our Paris themed backdrops.