New Orleans

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Take your viewers to the uniquely colorful city of New Orleans with this stage panel. The New Orleans backdrop shows a 3-story building right at the corner of the street. The first story of the structure features a nameless shop with wide glass windows. The second and third floors, on the other hand, have glass windows with green storm shutters. While modeled after a section of the city, New Orleans can stand in for places that have been influenced by European culture. This street backdrop can be used in a production of She Loves Me, or any production that prominently features Mardi Gras. Order a piece of New Orleans for your stage production today. You can call Grosh Backdrops and Drapery to reserve this stage panel, or use the form on this page to check the product’s availability and place your order. Keywords: backdrop, backdrops, stage backdrop, She Loves Me, Mardi Gras, new orleans, Louisiana, French quarter, apartment, house, home, storefront, window panel, window panels, corner house, corner street, corner st.