Mansion Exterior

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24'h x 50'w $325.00 S0637
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Send chills up the spine of your viewers by using Mansion Exterior as the stage background for your next show. The creepy and dark atmosphere of this nighttime panel makes it ideal for stories that are Halloween-themed, such as the Addams Family. This backdrop is also suitable for murder mysteries and whodunit plays.   Grosh’s Mansion Exterior presents an eerie and spooky southern mansion with lit and open windows. Spanish moss hangs on the branches of the trees surrounding the house, lending a foreboding feeling to this scary structure.   Rent this theatrical backdrop by calling our office. You can find more information about this product and its availability by using the form on this page. Our company also offers custom backdrops and dark stage draperies that can increase the intensity and impact of your show.   Keywords: Custom backdrops, Halloween, mardi gras, Addams Family, adams family, night house, spooky house, haunted house, southern plantation, plantation