Las Vegas Exterior

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Bring the city of lights to your audience with Las Vegas Exterior. This piece, which features a single street in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the perfect background for exciting Vegas-themed parties and occasions. This item is also suitable for presenting stage adaptations of films set in Vegas, such as The Hangover and Viva Las Vegas.   The city backdrop presents a view of the Las Vegas strip during a starless night. Hotels and casinos decorated with bright neon lights offer visitors a chance to gamble and place bets in games like blackjack, poker, and roulette.   Make this panel a part of your stage production or event by checking the availability form on this page. If you need more background options for your show, you can order flashy theater curtains and drapes below. Call us for additional details today and inquire about our nationwide delivery service.   Keywords: Las Vegas Exterior, City backdrop, Las Vegas, casino, gambling, card, blackjack, roulette, roulette wheel, Nevada, Vegas, poker, Viva Las Vegas
17'h x 40'w $325.00 S1715
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