Lake Forest Backdrop

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Item #ES1615
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The Lake Forest  backdrop from Grosh Backdrops and Drapery features a verdant thicket of trees and shrubs in a forest. Ideal for theatrical productions set in a forest, jungle, or woodlands, this forest backdrop portrays smaller green shrubs and rocks in the foreground, a beautiful body of water on the left and more trees in the background. Foliage is a dominant element in this theatrical backdrop. The panel’s top portion is dominated by the green leaves hanging from the trees, while the forest floor is covered in grass, ivies, and tree roots. Rent this Lake Forest backdrop today from Grosh for your next performance of Sound of Music, Shrek, Brigadoon, Beauty and the Beast or your original production. Get started by checking its availability through the form provided on this page. You may also call us if you need assistance.

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