Hollywood Cameraman

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22'h x 50'w $375.00 ES7076
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For those that like the behind the scenes look of the glitz and glamor surrounding Hollywood, consider the Hollywood Cameraman from Grosh Rentals. This unique backdrop features the silhouette of a man standing behind an old-fashioned film camera. He is encircled by a ribbon of golden film reels. Stars cover the bottom portion of the backdrop with pink clouds and a blue sky at the top portion. This tinsel town-themed backdrop will make your audience feel like stars of the silver screen! Consider this drop for your next Oscars red carpet event or Golden Globe viewing parties. This drop can also work well for proms or Hollywood themed recitals. Rent this backdrop today to transform your event with Grosh Backdrops! For more tinsel town related backdrops, be sure to check out these: Red Carpet Cityscape Vacation Montage Awards Stage Drapery