Gold Victorian Parlor

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22'h x 50'w $450.00 S3358
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Grosh Backdrops Gold Victorian Parlor backdrop is used for a variety of stage production titles featuring scenes set inside mansions or palaces.  Shows that have used our Gold Victorian Parlor  include Annie, Nutcracker,  The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, and many others. The Gold Victorian Parlor showcases an elegant parlor. It features light beige walls that are offset by gold paneled detailing next to the windows and above the fireplace.  The center of the Gold Vicorian Parlor is a grand fireplace that appears to have white marble with a white marble mantel.  Displayed on the mantel is an old victorian clock.  On either side of the fireplace are floor to ceiling windows adorned with gold swag drapery.  At the top of the drop is beige colored crown molding To rent this scenic backdrop please get in touch with our backdrop consultants and place an order today. You may also check availability and order directly online. If you are looking for projections to enhance your show then take a look at Grosh Digital. Keywords: backdrop, backdrops, ballroom, living room, study, Victorian, palace, parlor, Annie, Call Me Madam, Mame, Music Man, My Fair Lady, Oliver, Scrooge, Sound of Music, Victorian Parlors, study, library, libraries, Sherlock Holmes, Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, Les Miserables, Les Miz, Cinderella, Snow White, 12 Dancing Princesses, Interior, Mansion, White Christmas, Lil Abner, Little Abner, Hello Dolly, Funny Girl, Damn Yankees, Annie Get Your Gun, Miss Liberty, Little Women, Peter Pan, Christmas Carol, Narnia, Coppelia