Gold Abstract Cut Door Opening

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22'h x 50'w $450.00 ES7833
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This Gold Abstract Cut Door Opening scenic backdrop is perfect for stage productions that feature the beautiful element of gold. Whether it’s for the story of Aladdin, Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat, Willy Wonka, King Midas, Cleopatra, or the legendary city of El Dorado, this backdrop with a cut door opening will take your stage design to the next level. The backdrop design can be considered either art deco or steampunk and is mainly gold in color with a smattering of blues, purples, reds, and blacks. It features a variety of geometric shapes and patterns, from zigzags, circles, and spirals, to triangles, parallel lines, and checkers. The cut out opening is at the bottom center, and this can be used by actors or performers to access and exit the stage. Please call our backdrop consultants today to reserve this piece for your show or event. To make certain that it is available on the dates you need it, please check using the form provided on this page. We deliver nationwide. Cut Door 13'7"H x 26'1"W