Forest with Cut Opening Backdrop

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The Forest with Cut Opening backdrop from Grosh Backdrops and Drapery is a must-have when you are mounting a performance of a play or musical. This backdrop also works well if you are holding an event with a forest, jungle, or woodlands theme.

This product features a large cutout opening at the center, which can serve as a point of entry or exit for performers. A tree trunk divides this opening into two separate apertures, with the right cut opening measuring 12’3” in height and 8’10” in width and the left cut opening measuring 15’4″ in height and 14’9″ in width. There is netting on the smaller cut openings of the backdrop. The trees are covered in a dense blanket of green leaves.

Rent this forest backdrop now for your next stage production. It can be used in a variety of popular titles, including Robin Hood, Into the Woods, Sleeping Beauty, and The Secret Garden. Call us today to place an order.

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