Blue Rain Curtain

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18'h x 25'w $225.00 D2002
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Grosh's Blue Rain Curtain is a great addition to any production, event, or show! These Mylar Strip Curtains will give your next event a great elegance as each strip shines with its metallic flair. Strips are 1" wide. CHOOSE YOUR SCHOOL COLORS AND GET YOUR RAIN CURTAINS FOR PROM OR GRADUATION These Blue Rain Curtains are an excellent choice to decorate your set for a party or celebration Fun addition to any stage or set! We ship nationally and with several colors to choose from Grosh has rain curtains for you! We have a large selection Rain Curtains in many Colors: SILVER RAIN CURTAIN GOLD RAIN CURTAIN BLACK RAIN CURTAIN GREEN RAIN CURTAIN RED RAIN CURTAIN ICE BLUE RAIN CURTAIN PINK RAIN CURTAIN COPPER RAIN CURTAIN PURPLE RAIN CURTAIN