Black and Silver Shimmer Austrian Puff

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20'h x 50'w $650.00 D1853
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Give your stage an opulent appearance by using Black and Silver Shimmer Austrian Puff. The drapes and curtains made from this sheer material is a great addition to scenes that have luxurious settings and backdrops. Austrian puff is typically used as a front curtain for the stage. This drapery has nylon lines that are evenly distributed across the fabric. Item is not able to be rigged. Get this curtain for your production by calling Grosh today. You may also check out the availability form on this page for additional details about the product. Keywords: backdrops, drapes and curtains, curtain, drape, black austrian puff, black and silver austrian puff, austrian puff, drape, drapery, draperies, theatrical drapes, stage curtains, drapery, curtain, drapery rentals, drape rental