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Lights up on Washington Heights!

Table of Contents

Lights up on Washington Heights!

Set the stage for this award-winning musical with Grosh Backdrops that will bring the Heights to your backyard!

In the Heights

In the Heights tells the stories of myriad characters in Washington Heights, New York who all have struggles of their own living in the city. Usnavi, a bodega owner, dreams of one day returning to his roots in the Dominican Republic.

He’s been raised with his younger cousin Sunny by Abuela Claudia. Vanessa, Usnavi’s childhood friend and love interest, dreams of escaping the Heights to create a better life on her own. Her friend, Nina, has just returned from her first year at Stanford with some troubling news of her own.

Unable to keep her grades up while juggling two jobs, she’s lost her scholarship and has to leave the university, much to her parents’ dismay. She finds comfort in her friend Benny who works at her father’s taxi service. The two dance around their feelings for each other as they spend more and more time together in the Heights.

Usnavi however, has decided to finally ask out Vanessa. Tensions begin to rise when Nina’s father reveals he’s sold his taxi service to pay for her tuition. Nina and Benny, furious with his decision, escape to a club with Usnavi and Vanessa who are having troubles of their own. When the lights go out on Washington Heights the characters not only have to find each other, but have to find themselves and their place in the Heights.

Lights up on Washington Heights 1

Set your stage in the heart of the Heights with our Washington Heights backdrop! This dazzling backdrop features the store fronts of Usnavi’s bodega, the hair salon, and Rosario’s taxi service. With the George Washington Bridge set center stage, this is the perfect backdrop for numbers like “In the Heights” and “No Me Diga”.

Resize Washington Heights Cats backdrop ES7750 1

Looking for a shot of the George Washington Bridge for numbers that highlight the characters’ experiences within the Heights like “Paciencia Y Fe” and “Breathe”? We’ve got you covered! Bring your audience to Washington Heights with our George Washington Bridge backdrop.

Resize George Washington Bridge backdrop ES8274 1

We can’t forget about the climax of act I, the blackout! Change the setting to highlight the chaos with the Under the Bridge backdrop. This backdrop is perfect for songs like “The Club”, “Blackout”, and “Sunrise”. Then, bring the characters back together after the blackout during large numbers like “Carnaval Del Barrio” with our Back Alley backdrop!  

Under the Bridge backdrop ES8006 1

Back Alley backdrop ES7652 1

There are so many ways to bring your production of In the Heights to life with Grosh Backdrops & Projections.

Let us help you set your stage, order your backdrops today!

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