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Interior Design for Casinos, Hotel Resorts and More

Table of Contents

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A few days ago, we came across old blueprints for the staging of the Lili St. Cyr show at the El Rancho Vegas Hotel.  The prints dated back to April 6, 1956.  It got us thinking about our involvement in the construction of hotels and casinos resorts in the past and stories behind these historic landmarks.

R. L. Grosh and Sons not only specialized in painted backdrops and drapery, but also in staging, rigging and set design.  During the 1940-1960s, when many of the upscale hotel resorts we know today were just being developed, Grosh was also developing a staging construction company, called Tru-Roll.  Tru-Roll, soon gained a name for itself on the Vegas strip and in Los Angeles, where business owners were seeking to capitalize on the entertainment industry.

Most entertainment palaces during this time period provided a full bill of performers for their guests to enjoy and business owners began utilizing a turntable design that would allow for a complete set change in just one quick turn.

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At the Coconut Grove, Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Tru-Roll created a motorized platform which would retract when it wasn’t in use.  This allowed space for a larger dance floor or larger dining amenities. (See image below)


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Grosh also completed rigging and installed drapery at some of the most famous resorts in Vegas, like the Flamingo Hotel and the MGM lounge.

“Eric Mueller, Warehouse Manager at Grosh Backdrops and Drapery, recalls, “I was making a delivery to the MGM and was required to get a signature on a packet of paperwork…When the elevator doors opened I entered a room and the decor was breathtaking! I remember the carpet was a rich green like the felt on a pool table…”

Grosh outfitted two show room stages at MGM in 1985.  These large hotel resorts were an opportunity to showcase grandeur style and Grosh was honored to be called upon to complete the job.


In more recent times, Grosh Backdrops and Drapery has partnered with Spectrum Lighting to undergo a project at the Seminole Coconut Creak Casino in Coconut Creek, FL.  Our Custom department, under the leadership of artist, Greg Viera, created a handcrafted plexi glass chandelier for the casino, in order to optimize lighting in its gaming area.

fixtures 2If you are interested in partnering with the Grosh Custom department to renovate your space, please reach out Greg Viera at Grosh can also provide wall murals for commercial space, drops and drapes for sets, decor for restaurants and more.


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