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Grosh is 80 Years Old!

Table of Contents


What makes Grosh special? We believe our unique history plays a part.

In 1932, Robert Louis Grosh founded R.L. Grosh and Sons Scenic Studios in Hollywood California.


Robert Grosh and Ralph Blow1 Years before, Robert Grosh had an interest in the Theater and began his career cleaning paint brushes and buckets for Armbruster Studios in Columbus Ohio.  Beginning in his teens, he learned the trade, became a painter, and advanced to journeyman scenic artist.

( Photo Right:  Robert Grosh, his partner, Ralph Blow and the “Rag Man” outside Grosh Studios)


In 1926, he was recruited by Charles Thompson to work for the Los Angeles Scenic Studio as Head Scenic Artist.  After five years he set out to start his own studio and set up shop at 4114 W. Sunset Blvd in Hollywood.

Front of Grosh catalog

Grosh Backdrops and Draperies still operates in this same building where Grosh started his business and after 80 years we have quite a legacy!


(Photo below:  Actress, Mary Pickford poses in front of a painted Village backdrop)

Mary Pickford

This year we will be celebrating with you by periodically sharing some of our history and highlights. From the silent film era through today, we have some great stories and will be posting them throughout our anniversary year.  We hope you enjoy them and join us in declaring “Happy Anniversary”!




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