Aside from colorful backdrop designs, Grosh Backdrop and Drapery also boasts of a large number of curtains and drapes that can serve as a base for cycloramas. Popularized in German theaters in the 19th century, cycloramas are curtain walls positioned at the back of a semi-circular theater recess covered with a semi-circular dome. Cycloramas or cycs are often used to project scenes, special effects, gobos, and other lighting effects such as creating the illusion of having a sky onstage. They are also typically paired with scrims, muslin, or opera plastics. Our collection of drapery for cycloramas includes a number of white muslins that can serve as base for your images and backdrops. We have white seamless muslins, white poly cycloramas, and painted white muslin cycloramas, as well as day sky blue cycloramas and daylight sky blue cycloramas. Find drapes and curtains for cycloramas at Grosh. We offer easy pickup options from our Los Angeles, California warehouse, as well as for shipping to any part of the US. For more information about our collection of drapes, curtains, and stage backdrops, please call us at 877-363-7998 or leave us a message through our contact page.