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Fitness At Work

Table of Contents

Administrative Assistant Nicole Lenander is on her way to starting a new health regime after having her baby boy, Dominic Wolf.

The weather is warming up, and maybe after work is done at 5pm, you feel as if you have already had your workout for the day?  That may be because you are mentally fatigued, but a little extra push during your workday is all that you really need to increase your drive to stay physically active.

At Grosh, we are often busy at our desks from early morning to late evening, servicing clients in all time zones throughout the US and Canada.  Though there are many great cafes and restaurants near by our home office in Silverlake (Hollywood), let’s be real.   A walk to consume calories during lunch breaks, is just not a walk at all!

We look for other ways to get our exercise in during daylight hours, like teaming up to go walking during breaks or attending yoga classes straight after work with no excuse to go home and “run other errands” first. Working out with a colleague can be motivating, not only to push you to eat healthier while at work, but to also remind you that after work, it’s time to sweat!

Consultant, Carrie Johns, on her way in to work from Eagle Rock, CA, a 45min bike ride!

Here’s a suggestion: maybe replace your desk chair with a yoga ball?  This will improve your balance and tone your abdominal while you sit.  Or try something new, whatever it takes to keep your body craving more fitness and less junk food after an idle day.