Nighttime Paris

Nighttime Paris Backdrop

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Display the magnificence of France’s capital city on your stage by renting Grosh’s Nighttime Paris backdrop. While the City of Light is already a sight to behold during the day, it shines brightest after the setting of the sun. Our scenic backdrop displays the romance of France while showing a bird’s-eye-view of Paris at night. The scene features the upper half of the Eiffel Tower in the foreground with the moon rising from behind a patch of clouds in the background. Between these two points is the sprawling city proper. The city’s parks, windows, glistening roofs, and empty streets can be seen in the panel.

This background goes well with shows that are set in the middle of the picturesque city, like No Strings and Moulin Rouge. It will also make a great addition to Parisian- or travel-themed events and gatherings. Call us today to reserve this product for your event or show. Our company can arrange for the panel’s delivery, but you can also pick up your order from our office in California.